The Graphite Pencil Scale

The Graphite Pencil Darkness and Hardness Scale – Explained Guide

The graphite pencil darkness scale is split into two categories, hardness and softness scale. Graphite exists in several forms, but it is commonly encased in a pencil, meaning that most people, if not everyone know what it is. At one point, we have all used graphite pencils to draw or write, and most artists can … Read more
How can you paint over Oil Paint

How to Paint Over Oil Paint with Latex?

Sometimes you want to brighten the look of the furniture or bring some new color to a wall that’s begun to yellow. Before you put a paintbrush to it, you will want to know what exactly you are painting over. The paint can be either water-based(latex) or oil paint, but you should be careful with … Read more

How to Mix Pouring Medium With Acrylic Paint

Acrylic pouring has become a popular art form used by beginner and professional artists, alike. This is a type of painting where acrylics are mixed with a pouring medium to decrease the viscosity and are poured out onto a canvas.  What is Pouring Medium for Scrylic Paint Pouring medium is a fluid acrylic polymer emulsion … Read more
Best Ceramic Kiln for Home Use

Best Ceramic Kiln for Home Use in 2023

Ceramic kilns are a great way to get into pottery, whether you want to make art or just dabble in the hobby. But with so many different kilns on the market, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Although all the ceramic kilns out there essentially serve the same purpose—to … Read more

Can You Mix Acrylic And Oil Paint?

I remember when I wanted to give my try and mix acrylic and oil paint together. Then I didn’t consider myself as an artist and I didn’t know much about different mediums so I mixed the two and painted a giant sunflower. In the same week, I left for vacation. When I came home a … Read more

14 Tips | How To Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes?

Typically, all you need is water to clean any acrylic paint brushes. It really is that simple! Keep your brushes wet in a cup of water as you use them, and clean them thoroughly when you are done painting for the day. How to Remove Acrylic Paint From Brushes – 14 Tips Here are some … Read more

Can you use acrylic paint on metal?

Canvas is not the only surface used to display brilliant acrylic artwork. For a more dynamic way to display your art, consider branching out beyond your canvas to wood, walls, windows, or even acrylic paint on metal. This article will outline everything you need to know to create a metal masterpiece.  Can you use acrylic … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

Yes! By all means Acrylic paint on fabric does wonders.  Pillows, t-shirts, shoes, denim, and furniture are all great projects to put your painting skills to test. With the right type of paint and a couple of learned techniques, acrylics can be a masterpiece on fabrics. In this article, I’ll cover: In short: You can … Read more
WHAT ARE Differences Between Acrylic And Watercolor Paint

Watercolor vs Acrylic Paint – What Is the Difference Between Them.

My readers often ask me the same questions: What are the differences between watercolor and acrylic paints? Finally, I have time to price this article!! So today, I’ll compare watercolor and acrylic paints in-depth so you can understand the key differences. Painting is an expressive art form that allows artists to communicate ideas and emotions creatively through … Read more

How to tell difference between Acrylic and Oil painting? [Updated 11 Tips]

To beginner eye, Painting can look very similar at first glance but you should know the main Difference between Acrylic and Oil Painting. It’s not important just from a knowledge perspective but how we approach to clean and preserve it as well. At first glance, both of these paint mediums look similar, and unless you … Read more