Why you Should Paint Glass on your Windows?

How to Paint Glass Windows?

Many people take advantage of glass windows because they can be clear while still providing privacy, or they can even add style. The trick is that it takes a lot of work to keep them clean and streak-free, but painting them yourself is actually pretty simple! Why you Should Paint Glass on your Windows? Painting … Read more
Can you paint over mold in my home

Can you paint over mold?

When you need a fresh coat of paint, it’s always good to assess the situation of your wall for any cracks in them. However, one issue that can cause a pause in your paint project is mold. According to the CDC, Mold is a hazard that can cause many health complications if you leave it … Read more
Acrylic vs latex paint

Acrylic vs Latex paint | Advantages, Disadvantages & Similarities

It can be very stressful when trying to choose the best paint for your home. After all, there isn’t just one kind that fits every situation. So the big question is, should you use latex paint vs acrylic? What would be better in the long run? There’s a lot more latex paint in a bucket … Read more

How Long Does Oil Painting Take to Dry?

Oil painting is a medium that has been around longer than most other forms of paint, and their creation has withstood the test of time. One of the most frequent questions is how much time oil painting take to dry, and how can we help prep or speed up the process? Unlike other water-based paints, … Read more
how to Paint Rubber?

Can You Paint Rubber?

Do you have a rubbery project on hand and need to get some paint? If so, know ahead of time what paint you need and what will work best for you. Rubber is a flexible and stretchy material, and not all paint is made the same. Keep reading to determine what kinds of paint you … Read more
How do you paint cardboard?

How do You Paint Cardboard?

The beauty of being an artist lies in the fact that the world is my canvas. With a little bit of artistic ingenuity, commonly discarded items become the ingredients for a work of beauty. Did you know, that one of the most useful items in art, that can be found around us is free? Have … Read more
20 Ways to Avoid Brush Strokes Painting Acrylics

20 Ways to Avoid Brush Strokes when Painting Acrylics

Painting is a craft that will require skill and practice to master. The most important aspect of a painting in my opinion are the brush strokes. They will give your work its character. It can be difficult for you as a beginner to learn how to paint without making mistakes or overworking areas. With this … Read more
Does the Paint Dry Darker or Lighter indoor and outdoor?

Does the Paint Dry Darker or Lighter?

You’ve probably heard that when you pick the paint, you have to have it lighter or darker than what you might think you want. Many things can affect the color of the paint from the ingredients, how it dries, the UV rays, the primer, the surrounding furniture, and mood. Even psychological factors can affect it. … Read more
can i use base paint without tint

Can I Use Base Paint Without Tint?

You’re walking through the aisles of a hardware superstore looking at stunning new colors, but you walk a little further only to notice other options, such as primer, tint, base, and a myriad of other options that you’ve never even heard of before. There are many overwhelming questions someone new to painting may have such … Read more
How To Dispose my Acrylic Paints

How To Dispose of Acrylic Paint?

There’s a good chance that you have come in contact with some acrylic paint before. It’s essential that after using up your tins containing acrylic paint, you dispose of them properly. Most people dump empty cans of acrylic paint in the trash can without thinking about the harm it could cause.  To dispose of acrylic … Read more