How to tell if a canvas painting is original?

Do you know there is a lot of fake canvas paintings on the market? There’re many printed or reproduced artworks available for sale at your disposal, but only an art lover or an expert can discover them.  Let’s discover some tips to know if painting is original. How to know if my canvas Painting Is […]

How to store canvas paintings at home?

To store canvas paintings is a priority that many people tend to not think about until it’s time to do so. Whether you are redecorating or moving to a new home, you want to care for your  fine art even when it’s not on display. When you store canvas paintings, it’s best to find a […]

How To Clean A Canvas Painting Without Damaging It?

Dirt, dust and grim can always leave your cherished canvas painting with a bit of clean up.  There are many was to clean a canvas, but it’s the “how” that is significant.   Cleaning your canvas painting, depends upon the type of painting it is.  Whether it’s oil or acrylic, using a soft bristle paint brush […]

How to Prepare a Canvas for Acrylic Painting?

To prime or not to prime, that is thy question, when we are thinking about how to prepare canvas before painting surface. If you want your colors to stay vibrant and last longer, priming is essential. To Prepare a canvas for acrylic painting is a straightforward process.  You need to apply gesso normally in three […]