Should Paintings Be Framed Under Glass?

When you have a painting that you love, it is important to protect it so it can last as long as possible. While framing the painting behind glass may seem like the safest option, that is not always the case, and can actually cause damage if done incorrectly. Should Oil Paintings Be Framed Under Glass? … Read more

Can you mix acrylic and oil paint?

I remember when I wanted to give my try and mix acrylic and oil paint together. Then I didn’t consider myself as an artist and I didn’t know much about different mediums so I mixed the two and painted a giant sunflower. In the same week, I left for vacation. When I came home a … Read more

How to clean cigarette smoke from paintings?

Removing cigarette smoke from paintings is a task that should be done meticulously and gently.  While professional refurbishing businesses should clean paintings of cigarette damage and odor, especially if the piece of high value, you may still be able to clean it yourself as well.  How do you clean cigarette smoke off a painting? Cleaning … Read more

How to tell difference between Acrylic and Oil painting? [8 Tips]

To beginner eye, Painting can look very similar at first glance but you should know the main Difference between Acrylic and Oil Painting. It’s not important just from a knowledge perspective but how we approach to clean and preserve it as well. At first glance, both of these paint mediums look similar, and unless you … Read more