Can You Paint Rubber?

how to Paint Rubber?

Do you have a rubbery project on hand and need to get some paint? If so, know ahead of time what paint you need and what will work best for you. Rubber is a flexible and stretchy material, and not all paint is made the same. Keep reading to determine what kinds of paint you … Read more

Does the Paint Dry Darker or Lighter?

Does the Paint Dry Darker or Lighter indoor and outdoor?

You’ve probably heard that when you pick the paint, you have to have it lighter or darker than what you might think you want. Many things can affect the color of the paint from the ingredients, how it dries, the UV rays, the primer, the surrounding furniture, and mood. Even psychological factors can affect it. … Read more

Can You Use Interior Paint Outside?

Painting is a demanding job. You have to find the correct color of paint, clean up the area, and usually put several coats on before you’re satisfied. However, to get it right, you have to pick the right kind of paint as well. Interior paint was labeled that way for a reason.  You can use … Read more

Can acrylic paint be used outside

When we talk about interior acrylic paint, I normally always think about art. If you have some outdoor projects, you might stay with me because we will cover all details how can acrylic paint be used outside. With warmer weather coming, you might notice for example your house’s exterior needs a refresh after a punishing … Read more