20 Ways to Avoid Brush Strokes when Painting Acrylics

20 Ways to Avoid Brush Strokes Painting Acrylics

Painting is a craft that will require skill and practice to master. The most important aspect of a painting in my opinion are the brush strokes. They will give your work its character. It can be difficult for you as a beginner to learn how to paint without making mistakes or overworking areas. With this … Read more

How to sketch on canvas before painting?

Having a set plan design plan before beginning a painting may not be required, but it is something I recommend you do. I researched some of the most asked question about sketching on canvas before painting.  Do you sketch on canvas before painting? Choosing weather or not drawing on canvas will be your first step in … Read more

Natural Or Synthetic Paintbrushes | What Is The Difference?

Shopping for paintbrushes and overwhelmed by your options? In addition to the various sizes and shapes, you will see natural and synthetic bristle brushes competing for your dollar. It can be easily confusing, especially if you are just starting on a project or passion. With concern for animal preservation and the development of complex fibers, … Read more

14 Tips | How To Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes?

Typically, all you need is water to clean any acrylic paint brushes. It really is that simple! Keep your brushes wet in a cup of water as you use them, and clean them thoroughly when you are done painting for the day. 14 Tips to clean Acrylic paint brushes Here are some useful tips that … Read more