13 Differences Between Acrylic And Watercolor Paint

WHAT ARE Differences Between Acrylic And Watercolor Paint

If I were to compare the number of famous artists who used acrylics to produce their art and those who used watercolor paint, there would be no clear winner. Famous acrylic painters such as Andy Warhol, Katia Zhukova, Thomas Hart Benton, April M. Rimpo, and others have exhibited acrylic paint-based artwork that is loved and … Read more

Can you use acrylic paint for watercolor?

Acrylic and watercolor are both popular in the art world. You can mix many types of paint to create beautiful paintings with a unique flair and image style. More and more artist’s started experimenting by combining these two mediums together. To use acrylic paint for watercolor we needed to thin acrylic medium to desired consistency. … Read more