How to remove silicone from acrylic painting?

If you are an acrylic pour artist, chances are you’ve used silicone oil at some point to create your masterpiece. After the paint has dried, the oil comes to the surface and must be removed before the painting can be varnished. There are multiple substances one can use to remove silicone from Acrylic painting. Removing … Read more

How to Remove Varnish From Acrylic painting?

If you have owned an acrylic painting for any number of years, you may have noticed a discoloring effect on the surface of the painting from dust, sunlight, or dirt. Do not dismay. Many varnishes are applied with the intention to be removed when this happens. The process is not simple, but it is effective … Read more

How To Dry Acrylic Paint? [Slower & Faster]

Many artists choose to paint with acrylic for a wide variety of reasons. Under the right conditions, acrylic paint is known to dry much faster than oil paints. It is also easy to clean, nearly odorless, and heavily pigmented – meaning the colors can be exceptionally vibrant and bold.  Perhaps one of the best qualities … Read more

Natural Or Synthetic Paintbrushes | What Is The Difference?

Shopping for paintbrushes and overwhelmed by your options? In addition to the various sizes and shapes, you will see natural and synthetic bristle brushes competing for your dollar. It can be easily confusing, especially if you are just starting on a project or passion. With concern for animal preservation and the development of complex fibers, … Read more

How to tell if a canvas painting is original?

Do you know there is a lot of fake canvas paintings on the market? There’re many printed or reproduced artworks available for sale at your disposal, but only an art lover or an expert can discover them.  Let’s discover some tips to know if painting is original. How to know if my canvas Painting Is … Read more

14 Tips | How To Clean Acrylic Paint Brushes?

Typically, all you need is water to clean any acrylic paint brushes. It really is that simple! Keep your brushes wet in a cup of water as you use them, and clean them thoroughly when you are done painting for the day. 14 Tips to clean Acrylic paint brushes Here are some useful tips that … Read more

How to protect Acrylic painting?

The bottom line is acrylic paintings will collect dust and grim and we need to protect them.  When acrylic dries, porous like miniature holes will form that will collect dust.  The holes are so tiny that you might not be able to see it. How can you protect your Acrylic painting? Once an acrylic painting is … Read more

How to store canvas paintings at home?

To store canvas paintings is a priority that many people tend to not think about until it’s time to do so. Whether you are redecorating or moving to a new home, you want to care for your  fine art even when it’s not on display. When you store canvas paintings, it’s best to find a … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint On Fabric?

Yes! By all means Acrylic paint on fabric does wonders.  Pillows, t-shirts, shoes, denim, and furniture are all great projects to put your painting skills to test. With the right type of paint and a couple of learned techniques, acrylics can be a masterpiece on fabrics. In short: You can use Acrylic painting on fabric. … Read more

How To Clean A Canvas Painting Without Damaging It?

Dirt, dust and grim can always leave your cherished canvas painting with a bit of clean up.  There are many was to clean a canvas, but it’s the “how” that is significant.   Cleaning your canvas painting, depends upon the type of painting it is.  Whether it’s oil or acrylic, using a soft bristle paint brush … Read more