How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber properly

How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber?

Carbon fiber painting is not totally different from regular paintwork. You will need proper tools, get some knowledge, and start testing your skills.

The best way to paint carbon fiber is using a spray can or an airbrush because rolling and brushing can be difficult due to the small thickness of the material. To avoid damage, always use gloves or clean your hands once you finish.

Can carbon fiber be painted over

Yes, you can paint over carbon fiber in a variety of ways. However, this is not metal and has different characteristics than its metallic counterpart.

When you will paint over carbon fiber keep this in mind:

  • look considerably different from other parts
  • absorbs paint fast
  • If you spill water on it, all the paint will run off
  • The fibers are also very sharp so when you come in contact with them accidentally, they will in most cases cut into your skin.
  • The painting process needs attention to detail and patience, along with some practice.

What type of paint can I use on carbon Fiber?

To paint over carbon fiber, you can use any type of paint. However, there are some paints that will work better than others due to the ways they dry and the consistency of the paint.

I highly recommend acrylic enamel paint which is highly durable and best for this type of painting.

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NOTE: Just paint does not cover carbon fiber well if it is not perfectly even so it is key to use primer to soft everything up.

How to paint over carbon fiber

When you paint over carbon fiber by hand, make sure to use a roller and brush. This will allow you to cover the surface properly and with little to no streaks. If you are going to use an airbrush, make sure you dilute your paint properly.

Tools needed

  • gloves
  • Long sleeves
  • Painter’s mask
  • painters tape
  • rollers and brushes or airbrush


Before painting, you need to clean the surface of the carbon fiber. Use a mild soap and water to wash it. Let the part dry before you begin painting.

Take metal polish and rub it on the carbon fiber to give it a shine. This will also help paint adhere to the surface better.

Mask when you paint over carbon fiber

Always use tape or stickers to cover the surrounding area. This is important not only for the paint to look nice but also to avoid damage.

Apply primer

Primer is a must if you want a long-lasting appearance. It will help the surface to look even and for the paint to adhere better. I highly recommend this primer, which will work great with carbon fiber.

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NOTE: For spray paint, you will need an airbrush. Make sure it is one that is made for exterior use with automotive paints

Painting with a light shade first

Start painting the carbon fiber surface with a light shade of paint. This will help you tell where there is still paint and where it needs to be touched up.

Make sure you layer the coats carefully and let each one dry before you paint again.

NOTE: The base color will determine the final look, so choose it carefully. You can use metallic colors or darker shades for a unique look.

Using dark shades after the base is complete

Once your base layer is finished, you can start adding the finer details in the form of darker shades. However, this step is somewhat more delicate. Try using an airbrush for the best results.

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After applying the first couple of coats, you can polish your carbon fiber with a rotary device to ensure that paint sticks on the surface and doesn’t peel off easily.

Finish your carbon fiber paint job with a clear coat

Once the whole process is complete, you should let the paint dry for at least 24 hours. After that, apply a clear coat of sealant to protect it.

For the best results, use one that makes your paint look matte and very smooth.

KEEP IN MIND: Your base shade will determine the color of the final sheen.

Dispose of waste properly

It is very important to make sure that you dispose of the materials properly. Some paints might be toxic. Follow all the safety instructions written by the manufacturer.

What are The Challenges, when Painting over Carbon Fiber

There are different challenges in painting over carbon fiber, but these depend on how much you know about the material and its characteristics.

  • Learning curve – A beginner will find it difficult to paint over carbon fiber while an expert will have little to no difficulty.
  • The time needed – Painting is time-consuming so you will require patience.
  • Preparation – If you don’t prepare the surface properly, your paint won’t take hold of it.
  • Applying paint – When you apply too many coats of paint at once, the carbon fiber will become darker and not transparent. Be very careful when applying, as it can damage the surface if done in excess. Carbon fiber is often uneven so painting over it can be difficult, especially for beginners who don’t know how to apply paints with a proper brush or roller.

How to get paint off carbon fiber

If you want to get rid of paint coats that are already on carbon fiber then you have to sand them carefully. You can use fine sandpaper or a sanding machine but be careful not to overdo it, otherwise, the material will get ruined.

NOTE: Always rub metal polish on the surface before sanding it to ensure that you don't damage the carbon fiber during this process.

However, if you want to remove a new coat of paint from carbon fiber then use a pumice stone as it is very hard and will not damage the material. Always rub in one direction only so that no scratches are left on the surface.

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Related questions

The best primer for carbon fiber is one that has the high adhesive quality and is oil-free. This will ensure that the paint binds well to the carbon fiber and that the end results are amazing. Make sure you sand primer between coats.

Protection against fading is essential because sunlight damages most paints which then start to fade. Always try to use a UV-resistant lacquer when protecting your paint on carbon fiber.

Experts recommend painting carbon fiber for making it look fresh and new. In the end, it’s up to you and your needs. Always remember to use good-quality paints that are unlikely to fade easily or quickly under sunlight.

Painted carbon fiber can crack if you used low-quality paint or the surface was not smooth and prepared properly when painted. Make sure you always use a primer to smooth down all bumps and uneven surfaces before applying your paint.

Generally, painting over carbon fiber is not hard. You will require patience, some learning curve, and quality materials.

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