How Long Can Primer Sit Before Painting?

How Long Can a Primer Sit Before Painting

There is no doubt that priming before painting is a critical step, especially if you want your paint to last for a long time. However, you may be wondering how long can you wait to let the primer sit before painting over it? The answer is dependent on the type of primer you’ll be using. … Read more

Can You Leave the Primer Unpainted?

Leave the Primer Unpainted

If you’re a new homeowner or painting for the first time, there is a possibility you might like the primer more than the paint on your surface. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many instances where people faced a similar dilemma. There’s no denying that painting can be a messy and intimidating procedure. But … Read more

How to Make Neon Colors With Acrylic Paint

How Do You Make Neon Colors With Acrylic Paint?

The neon trend is hot. These colors are not only beautiful, but they can also be quite versatile. You can use them to create a range of effects, from bright and cheerful to moody and evocative. Moreover, with the right mix, you can even create custom hues. Fortunately, it is possible to make your own … Read more

Cold Press vs Hot Press Watercolor Paper

Cold Press vs Hot Press Watercolor Paper

There is no doubt that watercolor paintings are a great way to express yourself. The vibrant colors and beautiful blend of hues can really add life to any piece of art. One of the most important things to consider when painting with watercolors is the type of paper you use. There are two main types; … Read more

Why is Paint Peeling Off Wall in Sheets?

Why is Paint Peeling Off the Wall in Sheets?

Paint peeling off is indeed an eyesore for most of us. It becomes more frustrating when your newly painted wall starts blistering or flaking off, leaving you with no other option but to repaint again. Paint peals because off: Moisture Improper preparation High humidity Poor quality paint Too Thick paint Extreme weather Fortunately, you can … Read more

Should you paint your brick house | Pros & Cons

Should you paint your brick house Pros & Cons

Brick is one of the most durable building materials available. They are strong, fire-resistant, and have a long lifespan. Brick walls will stand up against all of nature’s elements: rain, snow, wind, sun, and ice, however, they can at the same time be difficult to maintain. Over time bricks can become worn or even damaged … Read more

Do you Need to Sand between Coats of Paint or Stain?

Do you Need to Sand between Coats of Paint or Stain

Sanding is an important step in any woodworking job because it helps you to remove the wood’s defects and create a smooth surface that looks far better than a non-sanded one. If you want proper bonding when applying coats of paint, you should sand them in between. Sanding between coats of paint is only suggested … Read more

How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber?

How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber properly

Carbon fiber painting is not totally different from regular paintwork. You will need proper tools, get some knowledge, and start testing your skills. The best way to paint carbon fiber is using a spray can or an airbrush because rolling and brushing can be difficult due to the small thickness of the material. To avoid … Read more

How many times can you paint a wall?


In the last year or so, I have probably painted my interior walls at least two times, but when you consider how many years I have lived in our current house, I think it’s safe to say that the number is significantly higher. So how many times can you paint a wall before it gets … Read more