Do I need to use an easel to paint?

Artists don’t need to use an easel to paint, but they do come in handy. Easels have been in use since the first century and probably even earlier than that, so we may take a note from our ancestors on this one. Although you can balance your canvas on any surface like your knees, flat … Read more

How to fix cracked acrylic pour painting?

In order to create a memorable, magical, and meaningful piece of art, the artist usually has to put a lot of work behind the scenes and in the process deal with quite a few hurdles. While there are some hurdles that we can’t really control and eventually have to accept, there are some obstacles that … Read more
How to Prime Wood for Acrylic Painting

How to Prime Wood for Acrylic Painting

Acrylic painting is an ideal medium for artists of any skill level. It comes in a variety of bright colors and can be used on different surfaces oil and wax-free to create beautiful, vibrant masterpieces. When applying Acrylic paint on wood, you should ask yourself how to prime wood and if needed. What Wood surfaces can … Read more

How To Sign Acrylic Painting?

“Give credit to whom credit [is] due,” probably coined by Samuel Adams, rings true for all artists. One way to take credit for your creations is to sign acrylic painting. This final step cannot be forgotten because it marks your artwork as your own and ensures that you will be recognized for your masterpiece as … Read more

What is acrylic medium?

I love experimenting with different art supplies. Depending on the materials you use, you can get totally different effects. Sometimes, you’ll find a product that has properties that are great for your project, but one or two traits seem to make it not work. Acrylic medium is an additive that can alter specific characteristics of … Read more

How to remove silicone from acrylic painting?

If you are an acrylic pour artist, chances are you’ve used silicone oil at some point to create your masterpiece. After the paint has dried, the oil comes to the surface and must be removed before the painting can be varnished. There are multiple substances one can use to remove silicone from Acrylic painting. Removing … Read more

How to Remove Varnish From Acrylic painting?

If you have owned an acrylic painting for any number of years, you may have noticed a discoloring effect on the surface of the painting from dust, sunlight, or dirt. Do not dismay. Many varnishes are applied with the intention to be removed when this happens. The process is not simple, but it is effective … Read more

How To Dry Acrylic Paint? [Slower & Faster]

Many artists choose to paint with acrylic for a wide variety of reasons. Under the right conditions, acrylic paint is known to dry much faster than oil paints. It is also easy to clean, nearly odorless, and heavily pigmented – meaning the colors can be exceptionally vibrant and bold.  Perhaps one of the best qualities … Read more

Natural Or Synthetic Paintbrushes | What Is The Difference?

Shopping for paintbrushes and overwhelmed by your options? In addition to the various sizes and shapes, you will see natural and synthetic bristle brushes competing for your dollar. It can be easily confusing, especially if you are just starting on a project or passion. With concern for animal preservation and the development of complex fibers, … Read more

How to tell if a canvas painting is original?

Do you know there is a lot of fake canvas paintings on the market? There’re many printed or reproduced artworks available for sale at your disposal, but only an art lover or an expert can discover them.  Let’s discover some tips to know if painting is original. How to know if my canvas Painting Is … Read more