Is acrylic paint waterproof?

By Mandy Moss

So, I have been thinking. Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile paints when it comes to textures and uses. It can be applied to multiple types of surfaces, including canvas, paper, porcelain, clay, ceramic, etc. Unlike most other paints, it dries into what felts like a semi-flexible plastic. It makes one wonder if perhaps acrylic paint is waterproof?

To make Acrylic paint waterproof, you need to seal it properly. Without sealer, acrylics are still resistant to water when completely dried. There are some surfaces like plastic, where we strongly suggest you spray it with varnish afterward.

Is acrylic paint waterproof?

Does acrylic paint wash away with water?

When the paint is dry, acrylics tend to be waterproof, and it’s hard to remove if you use only water. However, when they are wet, they will wash clean from almost any surface when water is applied to it. The trick is to get to the paint before it dries with a moist cloth or rag.

Does acrylic paint wash off once dry?

Once acrylic paint dries it hardens into a substance similar to plastic, making it almost impossible to remove with water unless the water is paired with a powerful soap or cleaning agent.

Pure Acetone has been known to remove dried acrylic paint from most surfaces. I Have a great experience with Pronto.

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Does acrylic paint wash off clothes?

With clothes is similar as with other surfaces. If acrylics are still wet, then it is possible to remove them from clothing without too much hassle. However, if the paint has dried, it is a whole different story.

If the paint is dried, it will be hard, making the fabric stiff. There is a possibility that you can scrape the paint off, but it will still, in most cases, leave some residue and may cause damage to the fabric. Over time you should be able to remove most of the paint by repeated washings with fabric softener.

Does acrylic paint wash off plastic?

Acrylic paints are great for painting plastic models, either by spray or using brushes (make sure they’re synthetic). To achieve the best results, prime the plastic model before painting or painting with acrylic paints. To enhance durability, seal it with a matte or gloss sealer.

NOTE: If you do not seal your end piece of Art, acrylics could peel off.

Will acrylic paint wash off wall ones dry?

If you want the paint to stick to the wall and not wash off, then the wall needs to be clean and dry. The paint may not withstand a vigorous scrub, but it should hold up well for regular cleaning once dry.

NOTE: I would use acrylic paint on my wall If I want to paint some art. Otherwise, it's not worth it, because it is a lot more expensive than regular wall paint.

How to make acrylic paint waterproof?

To make acrylic paint waterproof, you will want to apply a sealer or a varnish. It will protect the paint from water damage if properly applied.

These are few tips To make your task easier. For more details, read my post: How to seal acrylic painting?

  • Using a polymer type of varnish will help keep the painting safe and give you the option to clean it more thoroughly in the future.
  • There are not any required tools for varnishing a painting, but a foam poly brush could make the sealing task easier. This brush is good to use because the foam soaks up the varnish and helps apply it evenly to the surface of your painting.
  • Only one coat of varnish will be required for a canvas painting, but if you are painting on other surfaces, you may have to apply up to three coats. 
  • As for varnish types, gloss is often the go-to varnish, but you also have the option of matte or satin type.
NOTE: Be careful while painting the varnish on to use even strokes, if you use uneven strokes, they will show once the varnish dries. Do not rest the brush for too long on a specific spot as this will causing dark spots once the varnish dries.

How to keep acrylic paint from washing off?

these are the four steps needed to keep acrylic paint from washing off of almost any surface.

  1. Prime your canvas or surface with an acrylic primer before painting, this will help your paint spread smoothly and give you extra shine.
  2. Once you finishing priming, you can start painting your piece of art.
  3. After your art has dried completely, apply a coat, or multiple coats, of the varnish or sealer of your choice. (The number of coats you will need to apply will depend on the material. Canvas only requires one coat, while wood requires at least two.)
  4. Let the varnish dry completely. Once the varnish is dry, you will have a waterproofed acrylic painting.

 By following the steps and advice above it will not only help you save your piece of art from being damaged by water but will add an extra shine to the finished piece.

Is acrylic paint waterproof on rocks?

Acrylic paint is very durable, versatile, and easy to get for rock painting, and its consistency is also quite suitable for a stone surface. But it is not waterproof, at least not enough to leave outside in the weather.

If the rocks are for inside décor, then you will be fine, but if you wish to leave them outside for garden décor, you will need to waterproof them. You can seal the paint by applying 2 to 3 coats of sealer or varnish.

Is acrylic paint waterproof on glass?

Glass is a little different than other surfaces when it comes to waterproofing acrylic paint on it. You can seal acrylic paint onto glass with a varnish, but you have to let the varnish dry for at least three weeks, I wouldn’t want to wait that long.

The other option is to bake the paint onto the glass. Baking acrylic paint onto glass would make the paint waterproof. You will need to use a food-grade sealer in addition if you are going to eat or drink from glass objects.

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