Do you Need to Sand between Coats of Paint or Stain?

Do you Need to Sand between Coats of Paint or Stain

Sanding is an important step in any woodworking job because it helps you to remove the wood’s defects and create a smooth surface that looks far better than a non-sanded one. If you want proper bonding when applying coats of paint, you should sand them in between. Sanding between coats of paint is only suggested … Read more

How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber?

How To Paint Over Carbon Fiber properly

Carbon fiber painting is not totally different from regular paintwork. You will need proper tools, get some knowledge, and start testing your skills. The best way to paint carbon fiber is using a spray can or an airbrush because rolling and brushing can be difficult due to the small thickness of the material. To avoid … Read more

How many times can you paint a wall?


In the last year or so, I have probably painted my interior walls at least two times, but when you consider how many years I have lived in our current house, I think it’s safe to say that the number is significantly higher. So how many times can you paint a wall before it gets … Read more

Difference between Tempera and Acrylic Paint

what is difference between tempera and acrylic paint

Knowing the difference between Tempera and Acrylic paint is important when making a choice on which medium to use in your artwork. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of how Tempera compares to Acrylic paint. What Is Difference between Tempera and Acrylic Paint? We will cover 11 main differences between Tempera … Read more

13 Differences Between Acrylic And Watercolor Paint

WHAT ARE Differences Between Acrylic And Watercolor Paint

If I were to compare the number of famous artists who used acrylics to produce their art and those who used watercolor paint, there would be no clear winner. Famous acrylic painters such as Andy Warhol, Katia Zhukova, Thomas Hart Benton, April M. Rimpo, and others have exhibited acrylic paint-based artwork that is loved and … Read more

Thousand Oaks Art Gallery

The Thousand Oaks Community Gallery is the “Home” for many art groups in the Greater Conjeo Valley & surrounding communities. If you want to be surrounded by other creative people who are passionate about their work then this is the place for you! The staff working at the gallery is really kind and helps guide … Read more

Can You Paint Over Polyurethane?

Why most wood surfaces are covered with polyurethane paint

Polyurethane is a synthetic resin that is often used as a protective coating for furniture, floors, and other surfaces. So it’s normal that we ask ourselves if we can apply a coat of paint over polyurethane? You can paint over Polyurethane but you need to prepare the surface first by sanding and priming it so … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Shoes?

Can You Use Acrylic Paint on Shoes

You have some old shoes you want to spruce up a bit for your wardrobe, but you’re not sure if the acrylic paint you have would work. Before we explain each shoe material, which you can paint with acrylic paint, let’s go over the basics and what to keep in mind when painting your shoes. … Read more

How to remove spray paint from concrete?

How do you remove spray paint from concrete

When You realize that you have some spray paint on your concrete and you are searching for best practices on removing it, we wrote an interesting article describing 9 ways to remove spray paint from concrete. Graffiti paint Removal Gel Solvents (Paint removal, Mineral Spirit, Acetone) Power Washer Natural Ingredients (Baking soda and Vinegar) Soap … Read more

How to Get Paint Out of Hair | 6 Natural & 6 Chemical Ways

Is there any paint left in your hair? Getting paint out of hair, whether it’s a portrait of an indoor painting, can be a challenge. We came up with a list of 6 chemicals and 6 natural techniques to get rid of it. Wash it with dish soap Paint thinner Rubbing alcohol Hair Spray Hair … Read more