Thousand Oaks Art Gallery

By Mandy Moss

The Thousand Oaks Community Gallery is the “Home” for many art groups in the Greater Conejo Valley & surrounding communities. If you want to be surrounded by other creative people who are passionate about their work then this is the place for you!

The staff working at the gallery is really kind and helps guide you through every step of becoming an artist and making it in today’s world. They believe in supporting local artists and helping them achieve their goals!

Their main purpose is to provide a platform where you as an artist can display your work and receive feedback from other artists as well as those who appreciate fine art. They also offer classes on various topics related to art such as acrylic drawing, watercolor, oil painting, pastels, and more.

Exhibits Thousand Oaks Gallery

There are always new exhibits coming up at the Thousand Oaks Community Art Gallery, so there’s always something fresh and exciting happening there! Whether you want to learn about different cultures or explore different styles of artwork, this is the perfect place for anyone who loves visual arts.

Thousand Oaks Community Art Gallery workshops

And if you love learning about how people create their masterpieces, then check out their workshops where they teach everything from painting techniques to printmaking methods!

They even have special events throughout the year where kids can join in making their own unique pieces of art too!

No matter what kind of artistic experience you’re looking for, there’s something there for everyone. Visit them and see why this community-run gallery has been such a popular destination since 1991!

Gallery location and opening Hours

City of Thousand Oaks Community Art Gallery

2301-A Borchard Road

Newbury Park, CA 91320

Opening Hours

The hours for the museum’s gallery exhibits fluctuate with each show’s beginning and end. You might check online before visiting will try to feature the most interesting galleries present in the USA.

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