Is acrylic paint waterproof?

So, I have been thinking. Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile paints when it comes to textures and uses. It can be applied to multiple types of surfaces, including canvas, paper, porcelain, clay, ceramic, etc. Unlike most other paints, it dries into what felts like a semi-flexible plastic. It makes one wonder if … Read more

Should Paintings Be Framed Under Glass?

When you have a painting that you love, it is important to protect it so it can last as long as possible. While framing the painting behind glass may seem like the safest option, that is not always the case, and can actually cause damage if done incorrectly. Should Oil Paintings Be Framed Under Glass? … Read more

Is Acrylic Paint Toxic?

It is a popular belief that acrylic paint is inherently non-toxic. It is water-based, accessible, affordable, and easy to work with. Most common acrylic paints sold are labeled ‘non-toxic’, validating the reputation. As a student, I learned about the toxicity of oil paints, and lead-based paint, but acrylic was thought to be harmless. My teacher … Read more

How to Paint Over an Acrylic Painting?

Sometimes your painting is simply not going as planned. You see one glaring mistake, or the entire project is not at all what you envisioned. The colors are off. Or maybe you have a canvas you don’t want to get rid of, or you don’t happen to have an extra lying around when inspiration strikes. … Read more

Can acrylic paint be used outside

When we talk about interior acrylic paint, I normally always think about art. If you have some outdoor projects, you might stay with me because we will cover all details how can acrylic paint be used outside. With warmer weather coming, you might notice for example your house’s exterior needs a refresh after a punishing … Read more
Does acrylic paint expire

Does Acrylic Paint Expire? | You will Love My Answer

I love Acrylic mediums and are definitely my by far favorite way of expressing my feelings on canvas or any other surface. In this post, I am going to research if acrylic paint expire at some point or maybe my art will last for decades. Will acrylic paint expire at some point? Technically, because it … Read more

Can You Use Acrylic Paint In An Airbrush?

Acrylic paint has become a staple for many artists since its debut in the 1950s. Artists have since used acrylic paint on their own while also finding genius ways to mix this medium with other paint – including airbrush paint. This type of mixed medium paint requires a few different steps to complete, and prior … Read more
using acrylic paint for watercolor

Can you use acrylic paint for watercolor?

Acrylic and watercolor are both popular in the art world. Both types of painting produces beautiful, delicate effects that many artists try to emulate using other mediums like acrylics. But can you use acrylic paint for watercolor techniques? Yes! With the right approach, acrylics can mimic true watercolors’ fluid look and transparency. More and more … Read more

How to sketch on canvas before painting?

Having a set plan design plan before beginning a painting may not be required, but it is something I recommend you do. I researched some of the most asked question about sketching on canvas before painting.  Do you sketch on canvas before painting? Choosing weather or not drawing on canvas will be your first step in … Read more

How long does acrylic painting last?

I’m going to be sharing my insight into how long do acrylic painting last and things you might want to look out for when trying to determine if a picture has gone bad.  Acrylic paintings have been introduced to the world a little bit less than a century ago so we don’t have exact data … Read more